Therapeutic Massage Services

Relaxation massage (Swedish ) – 60min/90min

A calming and gentle  massage to rejuvenate yourself

Deep tissue massage – 60min/90min

A Therapeutic massage that is great for your back

Acupressure massage – 60min

A Clothed massage that focuses  on your neck and shoulder

Magnetic tool massage – 60min/90min

Our deepest massage that treats your chronic pain

Reflexology – 30min

A through massage that pampers your feet and hands

add spiceAdd an extra item to upgrade your massage experience* !

Foot   Sugar foot scrub $10

ear seed  Ear seed treatment$5

Cupping  Cupping therapy     $10 

herb ball Herbal Ball compress $10

* These extra items are meant to be just an addendum to your current massage session and not a therapy alone by itself. Usually it adds 10 more minutes to your current session.

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